First and foremost, I’d like to say how proud and honoured I am to be the new Chairman of Gainsborough Trinity Football Club. I would also like to extend my thanks to all supporters, volunteers, directors and commercial partners involved at Gainsborough Trinity. Everyone has made me feel welcome over the last few months while I’ve worked up to taking over the club. I’ve encountered great positivity at every level, and I look forward to us all working together in our club’s best interests.

I would also like to acknowledge Dave Horsley, John Myskiw and Matt Boles for their assistance and expertise while familiarising myself with the workings of the club. I look forward to working with them and calling on their support in the future.

I got involved with the club around the same time as manager Russ Wilcox. I was already familiar with him from his days at Scunthorpe United, and have enjoyed seeing his current Gainsborough Trinity team in action. Both me and Russ agree there is work to do but I’ve been impressed with his approach and his dedication, and I’m confident he’ll build a very strong side moving forward. I look forward to an open-door relationship with him - I know we will be able to communicate freely and without fear, and I hope Russ will feel his endeavours are sufficiently supported by me and the rest of the board.

Over the course of my time as Chairman I am keen to keep supporters up to date on progress, both on and off the pitch. I intend to be as transparent as is reasonably possible and will try to involve supporters and volunteers more in some of the decision making at the club, giving everyone a voice.

This 150 year old football club is steeped in history, and it’s my sincerest hope that whilst Chairman I will only honour that and add to that legacy. It’s also become clear to me that this is a club that is rich with passion - and I hope that I can focus that.

Working behind the scenes for the last three months, it has also become apparent to me that the level of commitment volunteers at the club have on a day-to-day basis is ‘above and beyond’ what I could reasonably expect. They truly embody the spirit of the Holy Blues and are a credit to the club, and to themselves. I hope they will all rally round me as Chairman and continue to give what they can. Their efforts, and the sacrifice of time, are so important to the success of the club, and I will try to make sure that these sacrifices don’t go unacknowledged.

Being Chairman of a football club is never going to be easy, particularly when taking on ever-increasing playing budgets and running costs within the current national financial climate. I am under no illusions about the scale of the task or the effort required.

Being Chairman is a serious challenge - but I am absolutely determined to rise to it and meet my obligations. Running various successful companies for almost two decades has given me a wealth of insight and experience that I can use within the football club.

I have already signed off on additional investments, including infrastructure, matchday quality and performance measures – and you will hear more about these as the weeks and months unfold.

Finally, I do have particular aims for the club during my tenure as Chairman, and I hope to work closely with Russ and everyone else at the club to achieve these. They include promotion to, and consolidation in, the division above our current status. That, plus a good FA Cup run or two, are the benchmarks by which I will measure our progress and success three years from now.

And lastly, I hope you will all join me with a positive attitude. As we embark on this exciting journey into a new era together, I look forward to the many successes to come and to us celebrating them together. There will be difficulties along the way, I am sure - but if we are united, we will overcome them together.

Andrew Wood
Gainsborough Trinity Football Club