With the effects of being placed in Tier 3 and capacity capped at 300 people, we find ourselves in the position where we will receive NO match takings and therefore no income. Match sponsorship offerings are significantly reduced as hospitality and pre-match meals are not permitted in the current climate, leaving us faced with ever increasing losses. Without decisive action being taken to sustain this great club, that has been in operation for approaching 150 years, we will not have the ability to still be standing proud in another 150 years.

All things considered; we have had to take the unprecedented action of placing all season tickets on hold until the time comes when we are no longer restricted to limited numbers. And at this time, where we are restricted to 300 gates, we need to bring in enough money to remain solvent, and so have taken the decision to charge a flat rate of £10 per game. We all hope that this is not a long term feature of our ticketing policy, as we do value our young up and coming supporters and the energy and enthusiasm you bring to the cause.

As a result of this, we will be offering season ticket holders a partial refund on season tickets. This will be calculated taking into account games played to date.

However, we would ask that any season ticket holders that would like to support us through this crisis do not seek a refund on their season ticket, choosing instead to allow the money to continue assisting with day to day running costs.