Through our mantra inittogether, we were able to smash through our £10,000 target, which in itself is a sensational effort - but even more so was our stretch target of £15,000 which was made possible thanks to an incredible £5,000 donation from a source wishing to remain anonymous. Thank you for that act of generosity. Over the length of the project, we have seen close to 200 backers, making pledges and supporting us in ensuring we can come out the other side of the Coronavirus pandemic. Everybody associated with the football club is grateful for this action and pulling together really demonstrates what a fantastic community we have here in Gainsborough.

Below is a list of all those that have pledged and donated, along with a number who have expressed the wish to remain anonymous.

Kyle Crawford
Reece Gooding
Stephen Spencer
Marc Elsom
Will Stanser
Pete Drake
Craig Macdonald
Vikki White
Simon Casswell
Harley Seaton
Leigh Selby
Jason Kooner
Richard Doran
Keith Limb
Philip Pluckwell
Curtis Woodhouse
Ian Longstaffe
Heather Crooks
David Seaton
Jordan Proctor
Victor Petch
Martyn Snell
Ivor C Warriner
Derick Hare
Philip Marsland
James Caldwell
Alan Hancock
Martin Radford
Malcolm Barratt
Matthew fletcher
Reggie Duffield
Edward Elsom
Steve Houghton
Joanne Eve
Phill Emerson
Lorraine Hart
John Metcalf
Lynn Leeman
Kevin Fisher
Stuart Spriggens
Ciaran Brennan
Chris Drayton
Darren Goddard
G Rainsforth
David John Bowen
Matthew Rhodes
Sallie Clack
James Williamson
Jacob Marshall
Charlie Tinker
Diane Rowe
Michael Halstead
Russell Dickens
Kelly Louise
Claire Selby
Fiona Norton
Tracy Sweetman
Toni Irving
Karen Talbot
Jason Talbot
Vicki Stevens
Shaun Stoner
Katrina Czartowski
Gwen Mackay
Debbie McKay
Debbie Shipperbottom
Stephen Hunt
Matt Boles
Neil Macfarlane
Stephen John Hatfield
Brian Walsh
Karen Taylor
Alan Macorison
Steve Freestone
James Girven
Michael Hancock
Jane Macdonald
Darren Lacey
Andy Booth (UAE)
Aegir Digital Ltd
Allan Sorlie
Roy Stewart
In his memory Buster Walker
Andrew Cuthbert
David Ruffles
Steve Andrews
Jamie Olivant
Peter Rubenis
Mark Wood
Andrew Gains
Mason Crooks
Steve Bilton
Dominik Robbins
Graham Bailey
Laura Bellamy
John Postlethwaite
Jordan Lacey
Eddie Clark
Hannah Laws
Nigel Gorman
Lee Green
Wayne Ramsden
Andrew Bland
Mr Kevin P Hughes
Gregg Smith
Mike Robinson
John Lansdall
Chris Thompson
Gary Michael Cooke
Anthony Stothard
Rob Tinker
Ian Watson
Ian Anderson
Stuart Allbones
Barry Thornhill
David Lane
Tom and Jo Robertson
Scunthorpe Chris
Richard Wraith
Dave Slater
Nigel Dawson
Darcie Boles
Lucy Smith
Rachel Allbones
Pete Garton
Jamie Priestley
Andy Hall
Darron Childs
Andy Butler
Martin Site Service
Gainsborough Building Services
Trentside Construction
T Blagg
Mr Baird
Meridan Hobart
Mr and Mrs Jaehrig
Stuart Horsley
Kev Barnes
Charlie Cresswell
Trish Hardwick
Phil Bell
Alan Drayton

The equivalent of 215 tickets for Lincolnshire NHS staff have been raised.

Despite the Crowdfunder having closed, we still welcome any help and support that can be afforded in the coming days, weeks and months. Anyone interested in becoming a Director and investing in the medium to long term - we would love to hear from you. Thank you for your continued support – and see you on the other side!