Chairman Richard Kane on launch declared, "In the current climate, we need to explore as many ways of being as creative and innovative as possible, to continue competing at this level and above. The Back the Blues: 100 Club promises to be a fantastic initiative that helps involve more people with this great football club, while offering something back, in the way of an incentive, to those looking to support us."

"This is a monthly competition that looks to involve people that not only come to games and support us through the gates. But by the very nature of the competition, means the many, many people who have an affinity, connection, or interest with Gainsborough Trinity around the country, and around the world, can very easily lend their support and help us boost our budget."

Should this fundraising competition take off, in the way that it should, we will be aiming to run prize draws every month of the year, and provide a valuable income stream for the football club. So in addition to the £7k of income to the football club accounts, there is also potentially £5,000 in prizes across a twelve month period!

Draw Entry

It’s easy and straight forward for you to purchase your monthly tickets. All funds raised are paid into the Trinity account using the PayPal button, or can be paid in cash, if easier, upon request. Please email Rob Hughes on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information about how you can help! Multiple entries are welcome, as we look to sell a minimum of 100 tickets a month. If we can regularly sell this many and more, we'll make more cash for the club and provide a regular boost to the coffers.

Following the draw day, all entrants will (unless otherwise requested) be featured in a thank you graphic along with the monthly winners. Good luck! Enter online by making an entry by PayPal aside or below, or in person by speaking to media manager, Rob Hughes, home or away. Entry numbers will be updated below as we receive and confirm entries.

Disclaimer: Back the Blues: 100 Club is a club-led initiative, offering fans the opportunity to enter an official prize draw with the chance of winning a cash prize. A draw will be made on the last day of each calendar month, with the winner chosen at random based on a ticket number, allocated on purchase based on the number of previous entrants. All cash prizes will be awarded via the payment method initially used to enter the draw, whether that be cash in person at a game, or via our payment facility. All entries are non-transferrable and non-refundable, with all winners notified by email and on our website the day after each draw. Full terms available on request.

September Prize Draw
Jack Dyche
Clayton Donaldson
Joe West
Selena Hughes
Brian Walton
Steven Hatfield
Dave Slater
Adam Clark
Steven Plumtree
Darren Cobb
Bob Metcalfe
Jack Snell
Thomas Snell
George Snell
Andrew Danby
AJ Cox
Martyn Snell
Lorraine Hart
Simon Green
Richard Doran
Jacob Marshall
Steve Andrews
Leigh Selby
Keith Limb
Matthew Fletcher
Kevin Selby
Davy Woodcock
Richard Kane
Rob Hughes
Chris Moden
Entries Left